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Our therapeutic services are structured within a Trauma-Informed framework and our therapists are Certified Clinical Trauma Specialists. We offer individual therapy services as well as family therapy, couples therapy, group therapy, and EMDR therapy. For more information on our Therapy Services, click here.
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Addiction Treatment Programs

We provide specialized services for addiction treatment, being Pakistan’s first Out-Patient Addiction Treatment Program. We approach addiction treatment from a holistic perspective, incorporating the different aspects of addiction into our program to provide in-depth, holistic healing.
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We offer success coaching and NLP coaching, certified by the International Coaching Federation, aimed at assisting you with achieving your goals and coming into your power. We primarily offer success coaching services and our coaches are certified by the International Coaching Federation.
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Corporate Services

A wellness informed organization takes intoaccount the effects of trauma, toxic stress and adversity on wellbeing and productivity – designing its
policies in a way to support employees and yield maximum efficiency.
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Tension & Trauma Release Exercises

Our body has a natural shaking mechanism to release pent up stress and tension. In TRE, this mechanism is artificially activated by inducing tremors in order to facilitate healing and release of tension.
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Trauma Informed Schools

We offer trainings to schools and educational institutes to incorporate a trauma-informed framework in their way of functioning so as to provide a safe space where students’ mental health is taken care of, alongside their academic progress.
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Workshops and Trainings

From international certifications to personal development workshops, to customized training - we offer a variety of trainings and workshops, all aimed at building skills, moving towards growth and developing a deeper understanding of oneself and others.
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What is a Trauma?

Trauma is the body’s natural response to any stimulus. It is not an event, it is how your body reacted to the event. The response is innate and biologically appropriate.

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