Our Mission

A mentally sound environment is a must for every student to prosper. In this regard, our mission is to provide suitable training and guidance for schools and organizations in order for them to become trauma-informed. We aim to educate and support children to prevent mental health issues and strive to teach the masses the benefits of an emotionally healthy and safe educational environment for children.


Through our collaboration with Trauma Informed Schools UK, we advanced our aim of establishing a trauma-informed and wellness-based educational culture (TISUK) within Pakistan.

What’s the first step?
Our Team
The Training
Begin Your Road To Being Trauma-Informed

Trauma Release and Wellness Centre is actively working to explore solutions for schools and educators to understand the experiences of trauma and its consequences on learning, behavior, and school safety

All of our training programs are accredited and led by the trainers of the Trauma-Informed Schools UK (TISUK) to encourage the knowledge and application of trauma-informed practices in educational institutions. Schools that have participated in the program have reported that applying the strategies presented in the training programs has resulted in fewer behavior-related concerns, and enhanced educational outcomes.

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