1) What is the process of booking a session?

Sessions can be booked directly from our website. In order to book your first session, visit our website
booking page.

2) How long before I get an appointment?

Clients can either book their session directly from our website, or by getting in touch via our provided
contact. We provide our clients the earliest slot within the week, per their feasibility and slot availability.

3) Can I cancel or reschedule my session once it is booked?

As per our policy, once a session is confirmed it can be cancelled or rescheduled up to 24 hours prior to
the booked day and time. If cancelled/rescheduled after that duration, the cancellation policy will apply
as per which the session will be considered a charged cancellation.

4) Can I choose my therapist?

Yes. We value and work to maintain our client’s sense of safety and trust throughout the therapeutic
process. As such, we encourage the client to move forward in their process with the therapist they feel
most comfortable and safe with. We provide a free of cost consultation phone call with the therapist
prior to session booking to allow the client to build familiarity before they choose to start the process. In
order to choose your therapist and have a 10-minute consultation phone call with them, visit our
therapists’ profiles.

5) Do I need trauma informed therapy if I haven’t experienced trauma?

Trauma-informed therapy is beneficial for anyone who would like to work on their symptoms, manage
their stress, regulate their feelings and develop a deeper relationship with their body without needing to
go into their history. This framework of therapy focuses on the present signs of dysregulation in the
mind and body and how to regulate it.

6) How can I decide if I need therapy, addiction treatment or coaching?

Every individual has a unique purpose behind self-development and healing, which determines what
type of service would best suit them. In order to facilitate clients with regards to which service would be
most beneficial for them currently in their journey, we offer consultation calls in which our mental
health professionals can guide and facilitate the process for the clients.

7) Do you offer any discounts on your services?

We have early bird discounts and group discounts available on our training and workshop services.

8) Do you provide services over the weekend?

Our Centre is operational 10am to 6pm, from Monday to Friday. We offer therapy, coaching and
addiction services in these times. Our workshop and training services are available on Saturdays as

9) Can I take my sessions online?

Yes, we offer our services in-person as well as online. You can choose if you’d like to book your session
online or in-person.

10) Do you work with organizations and businesses?

Yes. We conduct experiential workshops with corporates focused on stress management, team building,
maximizing productivity, reducing burnout, employee well-being and more. We also offer customizable
trainings as per the organization’s needs. Visit our corporate page to know more about our corporate

11) Can a therapist prescribe psychiatric medication?

A therapist or Psychologist is a mental health professional with a degree or diploma in fields related to
mental health counseling/therapy. As we are not medical doctors, we do not prescribe medication.

12) Do you offer therapy for children?

Yes. We offer individual therapy sessions for individuals up to the age of 18. For individuals below that
age range, we recommend a mix of individual as well as family sessions. To learn more about family
therapy, visit our family therapy section.

13) Can I change my therapist?

Yes. If a client feels a therapist is not a good fit for them, we provide the option of changing the

14) Do you offer wellness trainings for corporates and schools?

Yes. We provide awareness sessions for schools as well as specialized international trainings to cultivate
a trauma-informed environment in schools. For more details, visit our school’s page.

15) Is your organization internationally/nationally recognized?

Yes. We are affiliated with Arizona Trauma Institute and our therapists are accredited by Trauma
Institute International.