Trauma Release Exercise
What is TRE?

Our nervous system comes with an in-built mechanism made to release the stress that gets stored in our body. Trauma and Tension Release Exercises (TRE) are quick and effective exercises that activate the body’s tremor mechanism, effectively relieving chronic tension and bringing our nervous system back into balance.

Have you ever observed how when people or animals are nervous, they tremble? In order to prevent stress from building up in our bodies, we are innately designed to release it. As a result of social conditioning, we’re told to halt the shaking rather than rely on this natural stress-relieving mechanism to help us relax our bodies.
Stress, tension, and trauma first develop in our nervous system and body before they do in our thoughts. They are our body’s natural reaction to any situation that is perceived as a threat or throws us off balance.
The exercises can also be tailored to each individual’s needs based on flexibility & physical health, making them suitable for people of all ages and abilities. It is a set of straightforward exercises that prompt the body’s natural shaking reflex to relieve muscle tension, soothe the nervous system, and help the body regain its balance, thereby releasing stored tension and trauma from our bodies in the long run.
Significance of TRE

TRE is a highly effective tool that can assist the body in releasing the energy naturally – resetting the nervous system and bringing the body back into equilibrium. As a result, it releases pent-up stress and stores emotions leading to decreased anxiety, stress and overall ineffective emotional regulation associated with a stressed nervous system.

The use of TRE can help the body heal deeply ingrained trauma as well as decrease stress, reduce anxiety, foster resilience, and diminish feelings of overwhelm. It encourages mental, emotional, and physical wellness.

Our TRE Workshops

Our regularly hosted workshops on Introduction to Tension and Trauma Release Exercises aim to impart an understanding of the biology and science behind tension and trauma release, how stress gets stored in the body, and our body’s natural healing mechanisms to process and relieve the energy of stress from our system. In these workshops, participants are taken through the experience of TRE and its healing effects. The end result is always an awe-struck understanding of and appreciation towards the body and all that it can do!

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