Trauma and Food Addiction

Why Attend?

The Food Addiction, Attachment & Trauma workshop explores the link between food addiction, trauma, and attachment, focusing on how early attachment patterns and family dynamics contribute to food addiction, particularly disorganized attachment. Attendees will gain a research-based approach to support clients with trauma, attachment struggles, and eating disorders, learning techniques for self-regulation, safety, stabilization, and valuable psycho-education for both clients and practitioners.

Who Should Attend?


  • Root cause of eating disorders
  • Strategies to treat trauma-related eating behaviors
    Insights into trauma-informed care for addiction treatment
  • Psychoeducation and Self-Regulation techniques for treating food addiction
Date 20th April'24
Timing: 10am - 5pm
Online or In-person: Hybrid
Total cost: 18,000pkr
Early bird discount: 15,000pkr
Early bird discount end date: 5th April'24
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A variety of our trainings and workshops are internationally accredited and conducted in collaboration with the Arizona Trauma Institute, as well as Trauma-Informed Schools UK.

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