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Our Focus

We have all experienced life-changing events that have negatively impacted us. Addiction is a disease that arises as a solution to trauma and the impact that it has left. It is an attempt to cope with the painful effects of the trauma. It disconnects us from ourselves, thereby disconnecting us from the pain.

We, at TRWC, have been paving the path for individuals struggling with addiction. Our program is designed keeping holistic healing at the forefront of the recovery process. Our Addiction Treatment Program is intended to assist individuals in healing from trauma and reestablishing connections with their bodies, minds, souls, and the people around them. Providing clients the freedom to move forward with their recovery and their lives is the main goal of outpatient treatment. The outpatient treatment program enables one’s recovery process to enhance and supplement their current way of life rather than requiring that life alter in order to accommodate healing.

Why Choose Us?

Our therapists, in affiliation with Arizona Trauma Institute, are Certified Clinical Trauma Specialists in Trauma & Addiction& work from a salutogenic framework. This certification equips them with knowledge and competency related to topics including types of compulsions & addictions, and addiction culture and treatment.

Our therapists have the resources & expertise to facilitate you in sustaining your recovery & moving towards growth and healing, independent of addiction. Furthermore, as our program is an outpatient one, it empowers people to integrate recovery into their daily life as opposed to pausing life to exclusively focus on recovery.

Our Program Breakdown
Individual Therapy Sessions
Individual therapy sessions for addiction follow a trauma-informed framework, focusing on asset building and self-regulation. The therapist and client collaboratively work on the relationship with the addiction.
Experiential Sessions
Experiential sessions utilize hands-on tools and resources focused on building relationships with one’s emotions and working on emotional and self-regulation, specifically from a somatic perspective.
Family Sessions
Family sessions focus on building transparency, open communication, and co-regulation tools and resources for the family in order to facilitate and support the recovery process.

Our Stories

Upcoming Events

Addiction & Family 

Delve deep into the effective strategies for addressing addiction and its impact on families with our specialized training programs. The immersive experience empowers both individuals and families to navigate the complexities of addiction, fostering understanding, healing, and growth. Through interactive workshops, participants will gain insights into the intricacies of addiction, the ripple effects on family dynamics, and tools for fostering a supportive home environment. We’ll explore the foundations of trust-building, align with family values, and promote open communication channels. 
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Certified Clinical Trauma Specialist - Individual (CCTS-I)

Dive into the specialized approaches for understanding and addressing individual trauma with our internationally Certified Clinical Trauma Specialist - Individual (CCTS-I). This in-depth training prepares professionals to effectively work with individuals impacted by traumatic experiences. Through engaging case studies and interactive sessions, participants will master techniques to alleviate trauma symptoms, enhance therapeutic rapport, and promote healing. Grasp the multifaceted nature of trauma, navigate through the complexities of individual responses, and align with ethical treatment modalities. Participants will emerge with a comprehensive toolkit to effectively support and guide those on their journey towards recovery and healing
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Healing the Shame

Discover transformative strategies for addressing and alleviating the burdens of shame. The comprehensive training empowers individuals to unravel the threads of shame, enhancing self-awareness, self-worth, and emotional resilience. Through experiential activities and reflective exercises, participants will learn to identify the roots of shame, navigate its multifaceted impact, and cultivate a path of self-compassion and acceptance. Explore the nuances, confront limiting beliefs, and align with practices of self-love and growth. Participants will gain tools to promote healing and cultivate a culture of understanding and self-acceptance. 
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